Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Job dimensions         

Manage the resources of the Regulatory Compliance Department in order to assign regulatory product information to PMC’s products, provide regulatory support for PMC’s products as
requested by customers, sales and regulatory agencies, and to accomplish the short and long term goals that have been identified as critical to the success of the company.

Activities          Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Product Safety/Hazard Communication:
Create and maintain Safety Data Sheets, e-Safety Data Sheets and product labels for the portfolio of products including dangerous goods transport classifications/labeling/packaging in compliance with Regulatory Authorities.
Maintain the DOT computer-based training modules used by employees to meet DOT training requirements.

Commercial Support:
Providing timely communication to business of emerging technical and regulatory issues, new and draft regulations.
Perform compliance checks on a regional (global) level and provide compliance documentation to support business needs.
Respond to customer enquiries and questionnaires related to regulatory status [classifications, inventories, food contact, REACH, etc.]
Represent PMC in industry associations and consortia. Interact with authorities to defend safe use of highly regulated products.
Determine country of origin and Free Trade Status [USMCA, KORUS, CAFTA]. Prepare documentation for PMC exports and for use by PMC customers to use in their own evaluations. Ensure that all imports/exports are assigned the appropriate Harmonized System (HS) codes.
Determine National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC), Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) codes.

Regulatory Compliance
Compliance with global chemical management legislation [EPA TSCA, chemical regulatory registration schemes in other countries including but not limited to Reach [EU, UK, Turkey, Korea]. Prepare registration documentation for these schemes.
File and/or maintain reports and notifications including but not limited to TSCA 12(b) and 8(e), REACH annual tonnage, Prior Informed Consent (PIC), Poison Center Notices.

Technology and Innovation
Monitor application specific regulatory requirements and perform or facilitate registrations (e.g., food contact, TSCA, PMN, DSL, REACH).

Manage resource for obtaining immediate critical response information for incidents involving hazardous materials and dangerous goods [CHEMTREC, 3E, Poison Center registration]

Responsible Care – Secondary Product Safety Code Accountability
Assess and prioritize products for review and risk assessment annually with Responsible Care Coordinator. [MP3]
Monitor and interpret (existing and developing) legislation and communicate information to BUs in a proactive and timely manner.
Monitor regulatory requirements as they pertain to Hazard Communication and other related standards.
Develop and maintain information on safety, health and environmental hazards for new and existing products [MP

Position Requirements

Basic computer skills and knowledge of MS Office.
Must be able to research regulatory issues, including CFR interpretation, and utilize the Internet.
Must possess strong problem solving and leadership skills.
Must be self-motivated and able to independently seek-out knowledge and resources
Ability to read, write, and speak English.
Good collaboration skills and flexibility required for working with colleagues outside of the US.

Context and Environment

Supports and promotes compliance with all regulatory and internal requirements.
Ensuring that the Company’s products comply with product safety and regulatory affairs requirements is challenging and complex.
Compliance with product safety regulations can be difficult since such regulations often differ from state to state and from country to country.
If product safety regulatory compliance issues are not managed appropriately, the Company can be exposed to excessive expenditures and/or legal liability or be unable to sell its products. To achieve these goals, this position must be able to implement practical technical and strategic approaches that are dynamic and integrated with sound business management principles, fiscal responsibility, risk management techniques, and communications procedures.

Qualifications / Experience Required

BS/MS in STEM field.
>10 years’ experience in the area of regulatory compliance or stewardship in the chemical or related industry.
Familiarity with Chemical R&D, Chemical manufacturing.
Detailed knowledge of important global registration requirements and processes (e.g., REACH, Asia-Pacific, Americas, TSCA, FDA food contact, Prop 65, RoHS, etc.)). Experience with preparation and submission of chemical management dossiers
Working knowledge of TSCA, GHS, Global chemical registration requirements [DSL, KREACH, REACH, etc.] Import/Export compliance, Tariff classifications, Dangerous Goods/ Hazardous Materials regulations, FDA regulations and other regulations specific to the chemical industry.







May 17, 2023

Regulatory Manager

Job dimensions          Manage the resources of the Regulatory Compliance Department in order to assign regulatory product information to PMC’s products, provide regulatory support for PMC’s products […]