Process Technology Engineer

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Brief Job Description:

Develop technical knowledge of the processes practiced at this location to become a plant resource for continuous improvement for the manufacture of Organotin compounds for Advastab and Thermolite PVC stabilizers, Fascat Catalyst and glass coatings.

Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities

  • Scoping capital and expense projects to meet operations improvement goals.
  • Managing small to medium capital projects (typically < $1MM)
  • Finding solutions for low-cost operations and options for increased production rates
  • Assisting operations with root cause analysis, including troubleshooting and making recommendations to resolve plant process issues
  • Data acquisition and evaluation from data historian
  • Evaluating existing and new processes for safety impact
  • Facilitating Process Hazard Analysis
  • Control System (Allen Bradley) troubleshooting and programming.
  • Providing material and energy balances
  • Process development for new products; taking lab scale to pilot plant scale and defining commercial plant scale.
  • Pilot plant planning and testing to improve existing products as well as to support small scale commercial production.
  • Developing design basis for and sizing new equipment such as heat exchangers, dryers, reactors etc.
  • Modeling involving distillation, heat transfer, reaction, and other common chemical engineering unit operations.
  • Pressure relief design basis
  • Conducting feasibility analysis including cost estimates for manufacturing new products
  • Networking to obtain industry best practices.
  • Teamwork and good communication with peers to reach goals with all involved.
  • Use of process modeling tools
  • Equipment design tools

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • PHA leader experience
  • Use of engineering tools for pressure drop calculations, developing heat and material balances, sizing equipment such as pumps and heat exchangers

Working Conditions

The Process Technology Engineer works in an office environment for research and document generation.  Visits the commercial plant for data gathering and process evaluation and works in a Pilot Plant with hands-on operation for training and setup.   Must be able to climb stairs and navigate around operating equipment.

Education, Training, and Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering