Production Manager

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Brief Job Description:
Directs and coordinates day to day operations of production for the Lansdale Plant in a fast-paced environment in order to ensure employees operate in a safe manner, the facility meets all environmental standards and regulatory requirements, customer commitments can be met in a timely manner, and the quality of our products meet customer satisfaction. Functional responsibility includes manufacturing, maintenance, and engineering activities. The Production Manager achieves the objectives in part by training employees, delegating authority, and providing guidance to key subordinate supervisors and engineers.
Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities
· Responsible for the safety of all supervisors, hourly employees, temporary labor and contractors in the Plant. Accountable for plant safety procedures to be followed by employees at all times. Accountable to ensure employees are wearing required PPE for designated jobs or areas at all times. Responsible for engaging direct employees to participate proactively in documenting safety observations for improvement. Familiar with safety regulations which are applicable to equipment and physical facilities and ensures equipment and conditions consistently meet standards. Creates a culture for effective open and proactive communication with employees regarding safety.
· Knowledgeable of specific detailed environmental compliance conditions for the Plant. Ensures operations within standard procedures and meeting compliance conditionsat all times. Reports incidents of non-compliance immediately to the Plant Manager.
· Sets expectations and follows-up with all employees to maintain high standards for housekeeping at all times.
· Responsible for providing observations, feedback and coaching of individual employee behavior and performance in following documented procedures. Demonstrates a personal high standard of performance and work ethic at all times. Holds all personnel accountable for achieving expected productivity and production standards. Uses discipline as required and per labor agreement to improve performance as required.
• Responsible for effective training programs and processes in the Plant. Ensures supervisors are qualified to operate all job functions in their areas of responsibility. Capable validation and qualification of operators in the plant. Is accountable for having clear and effective standard operating procedures at all times in the Plant.
· detailed requirements for quality with responsible equipment and operations.
· Identifies opportunities for continuous improvement in the Plant. Clear understanding of production constraints, work procedure improvement opportunities, process improvement opportunities and productivity improvements. Identifies best practices. Accountable to keep a continuous list of prioritized process improvement opportunities in the Plant.
· Provides oversight for capital project management with engineering. Ensures the Plant is following PMC financial practices for capital project management.
· Working with Plant Engineer the Production Manager to maintain assets and equipment in good and safe operating condition through timely and effective maintenance practices. Seeks and implements best preventive maintenance practices for equipment where appropriate. Ensures equipment is also maintained so as to be operated in a safe condition and per OSHA regulations at all times.
· Provides integrity of security systems at the plant site to protect people, assets and property.
· Maintains an environment of respect for all individuals while also creating an expectation of results and accountability.
· Accountable to consistently meet production plans and schedules. Assess and develop employee troubleshooting skills and personally demonstrates strong troubleshooting skills for more complex problems. Strong decision making skills to promptly identify corrective actions and resources to resolve problems.
· Manages and controls costs effectively to budget and below if necessary due to low business activity levels.
· Accountable for effective production and inventory record keeping in the Plant on a consistent basis. Maintains processes and procedures for accurate cycle counts of inventory including raw materials, finished products, packaging and all other materials and supplies. Preparation of annual budget.
· Strong leadership and people communication skills
· Ability to set high standards, expectations and hold people accountable
· Sets a high personal and visible standard
· Capable of leading change
· Competent troubleshooting skills
· Works well with peers in overall PMC Crystal leadership team – communicates effectively with peers.
· Meets commitments, deadlines and follows up effectively.
· Demonstrates an attention to detail
· Comfortable with interacting with information systems and data entry
· Ability to prioritize tasks
· Effective planner – anticipates and plans for risks with contingencies.
Knowledge, Skills & Ability
· Ability to successfully manage multiple projects.
· Strong communication and negotiation skills.
· Ability to use Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) as appropriate.
· Ability to work with minimal supervision.
· Ability to work effectively in a matrix organization.
Although primarily day shift schedule – is available on off hours to troubleshoot problems as necessary.
Working Conditions
· The manager will work in a manufacturing plant setting including in-doors and out-doors.
· Although primarily day shift schedule, the manager must be available, as necessary, on off hours to troubleshoot problems.
· The employee must occasionally lift and/or move 55 pounds as well be able to climb stairs and work from heights.
· Maintains an environment of respect for all individuals while also creating an expectation of results and accountability.
Education, Training, and Experience Required
· Undergrad degree in science, engineering, or manufacturing.
· 5 to 10 years of manufacturing experience in the plastics and/or chemical industries.
· Proven ability to innovate and improve upon existing business practices.
· Strong interpersonal, presentation, communication, and negotiation skills.