Production Operator

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PMC Group is a growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals company dedicated to innovative solutions for everyday needs in a broad range of end markets including plastics, consumer products, electronics, paints, packaging, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. The Company was built on a sustainable model of growth through innovation while promoting social good. Dedicated to sustainability, PMC Group operates from a global manufacturing, innovation and marketing platform with facilities and personnel in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Operate or assist with processes, tasks, and related equipment in assigned units according to prescribed procedures following plant safety rules to achieve production standards and desired results. Selection as Operator A, B, or C depends on years of experience, specific unit, and training. The essential job functions listed below may not apply to all jobs. Actual job duties performed depend on Unit assignment and the Union job bid process.


  • Operate a variety of reactors, film evaporators, spray towers, bead towers, pellet mills, ribbon- blenders, flakers, kettles, presses, pumping systems, bagging machines, palletizers, and other container-filling and material handling machines and equipment.
  • Calculate mixtures of products to achieve chemical reactions.
  • Operate pumping systems, including gauging tanks and selecting lines, pumps, filters, etc. to pump and transfer chemicals and materials from various tanks, trailers, or railcars or other process equipment; climbs metal production ladders to check processes.
  • Operate equipment at high temperatures utilizing sophisticated controls to monitor temperature, level, and pressure to ensure high quality product.
  • Take readings and sample product/output as required for error-free production and first-pass quality per SPC standard; learn to maintain proper pH levels.
  • Handle 100 pound drums and operate a steam/water mixing system to clean and package products with accuracy.
  • Operate bagging machines and solids and liquids drumming and bulk bag stations.
  • Change/Assist in changing filters, stacking bags, dumping drums; utilize high pressure hoses for clean-up and other such duties.
  • Operate various types of material handling equipment to move material and products and load and unload tank trucks, trailers, or railcars, including but not limited to a forklift and other such equipment required to complete work.
  • Follow operating procedures for assigned equipment; make process adjustments as needed.
  • Check condition of equipment, record adjustments to normal operating conditions, and report maintenance issues.
  • Check production schedules to verify required daily production needs.
  • Complete batch sheets; audit and enter data ensuring accuracy and integrity of information.
  • Communicate immediately any potential hazards or unsafe working conditions, production outages, or outage of specific products or materials.
  • Relieve outgoing shift and communicate to incoming shift special job tasks.
  • Utilize basic computer skills including Outlook, Word, and Excel. Ability to learn to enter production information in Oracle.
  • Must work a mandatory 8- or 12-hour rotating shift on a 365/24/7 schedule as assigned.


  • Execute various tasks in support of the Company’s safety, productivity, environmental, quality, and administrative strategies and policies.
  • Operator must fill, label, and stack 55 pound bags of product safely and efficiently as required.
  • Complete other duties as assigned upon request by supervisor.


Must be able to work their regularly scheduled working hours and a mandatory 8 or 12 hour rotating shift on a 365/24/7 schedule as assigned on a consistent basis.

IMPORTANT:  If the requirement to work 12 or more hours in a day could prevent an employee from working their regularly scheduled shift hours on a consistent basis, please indicate this on the certification.  The Company does not want to aggravate an employee’s medical condition by scheduling them to work longer than 8 hours per day.  PLEASE BE SPECIFIC REGARDING YOUR MEDICAL OPINION REGARDING WHAT IS BEST FOR THE EMPLOYEE, BASED ON HIS OR HER HEALTH CONDITION.

Majority of the work is performed in a chemical manufacturing plant environment with some duties taking place outside in the elements. Employees may be exposed to EXTREMELY hot and cold temperatures for long periods of time, dust, loud noises, or unpleasant smells and odors. Frequently, work is done while on elevated or uneven surfaces or structures. Work requires the ability to tolerate heights and confined spaces and operate equipment at high temperatures. Employees are required to wear safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as a hard hat, uniform, steel toe boots, eye goggles, ear plugs, face masks, gloves, respirator, etc. Some duties are repetitive in nature. Operator must be able to function individually within a team environment. Travel is rare.


Must be able to walk, climb, bend, stoop, stretch, reach, crawl, or lift a minimum of 55 pounds consistently and routinely as part of normal work. Job requires being on one’s feet for the full eight (8) or 12-hour shift and for as long as 16 hours occasionally. Required to work at high elevations on elevated platforms that may exceed 50 feet. Must have the ability to climb up to eight (8) floors of stairs and climb vertical steel ladders 35 to 40 feet above ground or landing level frequently on uneven surfaces such as on top of tanks, vessels, railcars, pipes, etc. Required to enter confined spaces and to work in tight or restricted areas. Frequent pushing and pulling, stooping and being situated in very awkward positions. Opening and closing large and small valves and maneuvering handle and wheel-operated valves requiring the use of hands, arms, shoulders, and upper body is essential. Due to potential chemical exposure, must be able to wear a negative pressure respirator and a full splash suit for extended periods of time. Must be able to wear full enclosing protective clothing in all climates. In some cases, the protective clothing may be very restricting such as with a fully encapsulating Level A suit or a less restrictive rain suit. Must be able to process information and make judgments about the capability and effectiveness of critical safety equipment. Ability to use a walkie-talkie and a variety of basic hand tools is required. Must be able to interpret instructions of basic to intermediate complexity and communicate clearly both in verbal and written English with managers, customers, vendors, staff, and contractors. Position requires basic computer skills and ability to perform simple math equations.